Karen  Gilmore - Vocals

Karen is a professionally trained singer, performing for nearly twenty years in many guises to include solo (professional for four years), session work, front person for many bands, including Swansong for ten years, as well as collaborating with many musicians throughout her career. 

Nigel Smith - Guitar/s
Nigel is a man of many talents and has been playing bass guitar since the 1970's, as well as acoustic guitar, keyboards and songwriting.. He is a seasoned and very experienced performer who has worked with many musicians and bands throughout the years.

A Brief History
FIRST FALL began in the early 1990's and mainly a recording project born from original material written and composed by Nigel Smith. Nigel and Karen then began performing together before expanding, adding saxophone and double bass, playing blues and country.  The project knew no bounds initially and brought together many musicians, experimenting with different sounds and styles. 

SWANSONG ACOUSTIC began seven years ago and have grown from strength to strength, perfecting and extending their show. 

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